Playground Maintenance

Maintenance of all playground equipment is essentialPlayground Safety Standard BS EN1176 states that “Equipment and its components should be inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction at a frequency not less than that given by the manufacturer” and also, “if serious defects that might put safety at risk are discovered during inspection these should be corrected without delay”.  Regular servicing and replacement of worn out parts is essential to keep your play area safe and compliant.  

RSS can help - with our team of trained field service engineers supported by our experienced admin teams, we can repair defects identified in inspection reports (either those undertaken by ourselves or by other inspection providers). 

Our fleet of vehicles is fully equipped with all necessary tools and to carry out all aspects of site maintenance.  In our Egham and Selby Service Centres we carry extensive stock of consumable and high usage parts for all manufacturers equipment, and for those parts not in stock we can source replacement parts.  Where the equipment manufacturer is no longer trading we can produce replica parts.

With our 25 years’ experience, we know that a good maintenance regime will significantly extend the life of your equipment and reduce the likelihood of accidents.  Regular servicing and replacement of worn out parts is essential to keep your play area safe and compliant.

Remember it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the play area safe, delaying needed repairs not only shortens the life of the equipment but increases the risk of an accident. 

Don’t delay – call the experts!

Playground maintenance engineer Best Practice

The traditional approach to playground maintenance is typically for the owner to commission an inspection, receive a report identifying non-conformances and then try to find someone competent to undertake the works – usually by contacting the original equipment manufacturer (most of who do not have maintenance teams).  However, most play areas have evolved over time and have multiple manufacturers’ equipment on site!   Meanwhile the clock is ticking and the defect is getting more likely to fail.  Remember as the owner it is your responsibility to keep the area safe and usable.

RSS have an alternative method which reduces cost and risk of an accident.  By commissioning your inspection through RSS we can propose a package tailored to your requirements which covers the replacement of common parts during Operational inspections.  This reduces the cost of spare parts (you only pay for what is used), avoids any travel costs and greatly reduces the timescale from identification of a defect to close out.

All our team are experienced RPII certified engineers who take great pride in the quality of works and are always take the time to discuss any concerns with Customers while on site.

Let us help you keep your area safe and reduce your costs.

“We purchased the Paris unit around 20 years ago and have been delighted with the service it has given our park over the years, as have all the Hags products.  As time has gone on, we realised that some of the equipment needed attention.  I contacted RSS Playmakers and their approachable nature, service and professionalism have been fantastic.  The Cosgrove Park play area looks good as new!”  Brian Taylor, General Manager, Cosgrove Park