RSS provide a complete range of Services to ensure your play area is well maintained and safe.  


Although there is no law stating that a play area owner must carry out Inspections, Playground Standard EN1176 states that an appropriate Inspection schedule must be established and maintained to prevent accidents.

Read more for all you need to know about the levels of inspections, how we inspect and to see a Sample Inspection Report.


Regular servicing and replacement of worn out parts is essential to keep your play area safe and compliant.  Remember it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the play area safe, delaying needed repairs not only shortens the life of the equipment but increases the risk of an accident. 

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RSS have 20 years' experience in undertaking site refurbishments.  From a simple re-paint to a full “as new” restoration, all can be achieved with minimum disruption and at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.  The effects can be dramatic!

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Playground Inspection Maintenance and Repairs


“RSS fully understand our requirements and overall it has saved us time and money.  More importantly, equipment has been available for our residents to enjoy. Plus we have data to hand to deal with any insurance claims arising from use of the equipment.  RBWM are keen to extend our agreement and look forward to working with RSS in 2014.“  Stephen Anderson, Outdoor Facilities Manager for RBWM