RSS believe in working in partnership with our customers to ensure we combine our expertise with our customers’ detailed local knowledge.  Working in partnership, we have proposed inspection regimes which are uniquely tailored to suit our customer’s particular requirements.  The process takes account of factors such as location, demographics and the time of year.  This proven technique typically results in cost reductions of 25% with no loss of service. 
RSS working together with customers

In our experience, sound, well operated contracts are based on a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements and excellent communication between the customer’s key contact and our Contracts Manager.  RSS are trusted to operate contracts throughout Mainland UK ranging from single site to 250 sites and undertake many thousands of inspections each year.

Let RSS work with you to save costs and keep your play area safe.

Call us for more details or to arrange an appointment for someone to meet with you and discuss your requirements.


“The first quarterly inspections of Miller and Miller/Wilson un-adopted playgrounds equipment took place in September 2008. The inspections were followed closely by concise reports, clear photographic images of what, if any, repairs or maintenance were required and acceptable quotations for any work necessary.

This exercise has been repeated at almost precise 3 monthly intervals ever since and Miller Homes and Wilson Homes (now Barratt Wilson Homes) are very satisfied with the service provided to date.

On the occasions where repairs have become necessary for whatever reason the quotations have been fair and the work has been carried out on the date scheduled and within the time specified.  

Miller Homes have and will continue to use and to recommend your invaluable service to other house builders with whom we jointly develop areas of land on which play equipment is to be installed.” 

Geoff Edge, Senior Designer, East Midlands Office, Miller Homes


 “We have worked with RSS-Playmakers over a number of years and found them to be a valuable partner in providing safe and well maintained play provision within the Borough.  We have benefitted from a dedicated and professional team who have built an intimate knowledge of our play areas enabling us to maintain sites to the appropriate standards and within the resources available to the Council.  The services provided by RSS-Playmakers provide the backbone of our recorded inspection data, so vital for insurance purposes.  The emphasis on working together ensures that we always obtain an appropriate and timely response when dealing with emergency repairs.”

Andy Ford, Parks Manager, Rushmoore Borough Council