Is it compulsory to inspect my Play Area?

The European Standard for Playground Safety, BS EN1176 recommends that regular inspection takes place as part of a planned inspection schedule.

The onus, therefore, is on you to be able to demonstrate that a robust inspection regime in in place.

Do you inspect any manufacturer's equipment?

Yes, we are qualified to inspect any manufacturer's equipment, even those that are no longer trading.


What frequency of inspections do you recommend? 

All inspection regimes differ according to the individual play area's type of equipment, location, age and usage.  However, it is good practice that a schedule of visual inspections occurs regularly and that these are supported by more in-depth Monthly or Quarterly Operational Inspections and an Annual Inspection. 

Visual inspections can be undertaken by your own grounds maintenance team and, if required, we can provide you with the training needed to undertake these duties.

Operational and Annual inspections are more detailed and require written reports and photographs of all defects.

Can I inspect the Playground myself?

You can carry out visual level inspections yourself (we can help with training for this), but Operational and Annual Inspections must be carried out by an RPII certified engineer.


What do I need to do if defects are reported?

You need to take account of the level of risk identified and the actions recommended in the report.  Once a defect is identified you should take appropriate action to rectify the problem.


Do you cover the whole of the UK?

Yes, we cover all of the UK (mainland).


Do I have to keep copies of Inspection reports?

You should keep copies of inspection reports for 21 years.  RSS store inspection reports electronically for you so that they can be easily retrieved.

Do you undertake repairs?

Yes, all our reports are followed by a no-obligation quotation for the works identified.

What if the equipment manufacturer is no longer trading - do I have to remove the equipment?

No, we can provide parts  (either original parts from our stores or manufactured replacement parts) and keep your equipment functional for years.

Do you repair surfacing?

Yes, we can repair all types of surfacing (Grass Matt, Bark, Sand, Wet Pour and Tiles) from a simple repair to replacement of the entire surface.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have full insurance cover in place.  Full details are available on request.

My equipment was installed years ago and I am sure it will fail to the latest standard.  Will I have to replace the equipment?

No, the standards cannot be applied retrospectively so provided your equipment was compliant when originally installed and is well maintained and defect free it should be fine.

Will you provide me with a quotation for repairs even if you didn’t do the inspection?

Yes we can, provided the report contains good quality photographs detailing the defects.

Do you repair any manufacturer's equipment?

Yes, we can obtain and fit parts for anyone’s equipment.

I don’t know who originally supplied the equipment - does this matter?

No, with 25 years' experience, we are familiar with most manufacturers' equipment and even if the manufacturer is unknown, inspections can (and must) be undertaken.