Calderdale Council Inspection and Maintenance

20th August 2014

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Playground Inspection at Calderdale Inspection at Calderdale

An Inspection and Maintenance plan has been developed with Calderdale Council to look after the 118 play areas for which they are responsible.  The play areas were previously being looked after by Calderdale's in-house team but with budgetary pressures and potential staff reductions on the horizon, Calderdale needed to find a more efficient and cost effective way which would avoid equipment safety being compromised and delays between identification and close out.

Working together, combining local knowledge with national experience, a plan was developed and RSS were awarded the tender in July 2013, based on both quality and price.  

One year later, Mick Wilby, Playgrounds Manager of Calderdale Council, says “We recognised in 2010 that we faced budgetary pressures which would result  in staff reductions and pressures to challenge the way we managed the facilities in terms of cost and efficiency.  A robust system with an experienced partner was required to successfully execute the changes in how we managed the facilities from 2013.

Despite significantly reduced resources thanks to our partnership with the team at RSS we now provide a better service and manage our resources much more effectively.   This is supported by the much lower number of complaints and a substantial cost saving to Calderdale Council.”

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